Lansing activist group wants to address community concerns


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Admiring the creation of the black panther party in the ’60s.
A young man from Lansing started his own version of the movement, the Young Black Panthers Party.

They’re hoping to address and resolve issues within the community. Not only did they march today but they spoke out about how they plan to help those around them.

Reopening community centers, ensuring clean water, and pushing for more police reform. Those are the concerns from the community that the Young Black Panther Party wants to address.

“We are willing to bring hope to our community, and that’s all I want people to see us as,” said James Henson, founder of the Young Black Panther Party.

The city of Lansing and Lansing Police Department has implemented new changes in law enforcement, created a racial justice alliance amongst other things to try and address equality in the city. Henson says he feels like their voices aren’t being heard.

“We want to create centers for our kids, we want to create a safe refuge for our people. We want things happening but since the city ain’t doing it. I feel like we have to do it ourselves,” said Henson.

Members of the Young Black Panther Party are also hoping to create more opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs.

“If we can fund ourselves, we keep it within our community, we keep their money going and that’s another thing about Black Wall Street we keep uplifting and teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners,” said Ahsahki Guy, co-founder for the Black Wall Street.

The group marched throughout Lansing for nearly 2 hours. Getting some support from others in the area.

“It shows that just the way I got they back, they got my back,” said Henson.

Henson hopes those around him will continue to back his mission.

“My main focus is on the people that’s willing to make this change, and that also care and their willing to support us, but also get their hands dirty by making their community grow,” said Henson.

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