LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On Thursday, the Lansing City Council held a special committee meeting to discuss the city’s budget.

The Committee of the Whole gathered at the Foster Community Center to discuss the budget. City council members voiced concerns about the mayor’s proposed budget for the coming fiscal year, which they said far outpaces expected revenues.

“Our budget that was presented to us from the mayor talks about two, $275 million worth of spending,” said City Council President Carol Wood.

“General fund revenue, we’re talking about $162, almost $163 million. We’re looking at bringing in only 161 million,” she said.

Council members have shared their worries the requested budget in previous city council meetings.

“Request in this in this budget is to use from the reserves, and I think that is a big concern for a number of council members,” said Wood.

Members of the public voiced their displeasure at the meeting, and contrasted the big proposed budget with problems that need addressing in the city, like the state of the roads.