LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Food pantries in Lansing are experiencing a shortage of food.

The founder of Lansing-based community center and food pantry The Fledge says their food storage is almost always stocked.

But on Tuesday, they posted on Facebook asking for donations, stating it was strange to see their free pantry empty.

The founder says it’s an issue that many other food pantries in the area are dealing with.

He speculates with increasing costs of housing, transportation, or even child care people aren’t able to donate as much.

On the flip side, those same issues are making the need much higher.

“We are just not seeing those donations again like we were… The donations coming in have dropped off, but the amount of food, and how fast it gets taken has increased. So we have two parts of the problem… There are free stands and pantries all over the place, fill your local pantry, because I think your neighbors, your community is suffering,” said founder Jerry Norris.

If you have food you’re willing to donate you can bring it to The Fledge at 1300 Eureka Street in Lansing. If you need food, visit the Greater Lansing Food Bank’s website for more information.