LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On Wednesday, a fire ripped through a house on lasing’s southeast side, leaving two people homeless.

6 News spoke with the couple, who said they lost a lot of their possessions and were looking for help.

But as it turns out, they should not have been living in that house in the first place.

City officials said the building was red-tagged for a leaking roof, no power, and trash on both the inside and outside of the home.

The landlord admitted that the house was older and needed some repairs, but she also said there were issues with the way the tenants treated the place and with their rent.

She said it doesn’t matter much now as the house she has had for 30 years is in ruins.

“It’s sad I don’t know if it’s completely gone. We can’t go inside its all chained off until they are done with their investigation. It’s like honestly, that was part of my retirement I had it completely paid off and now it’s gone,” said landlord Tamara Farrell.

So far, a Gofundme started by the residents has raised about $1,000.

We reached back out to them. One of them said that he knew the building was red-tagged and said he would have more of his side of the story later.