Lansing lawmaker wants Michigan to weigh in on D.C. statehood debate


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Capitol Hill is weighing the question of whether Washington, D.C. should get the chance to become a state. Now a lawmaker in Lansing wants Michigan to take a stand on the issue.

Republican State Representative Jeff Yaroch introduced a resolution in the State House on Thursday which, if passed, would urge Congress to return the District of Columbia to Maryland, rather than let it become its own state.

In the resolution, Rep. Yaroch echoes some of the arguments that prompted the call for D.C. statehood, including how congressional control of the District interferes with local politics. D.C. has been passing balanced budgets since 1997, but still faces the possibility of a government shutdown when Congress fails to pass a federal budget.

Residents of the District also do not have voting representation in Congress, but still pay all federal taxes, leading to the unofficial motto of “Taxation Without Representation.”

However, rather than allow D.C. to become a state, the resolution calls for it to become a part of Maryland. This solution is favored by congressional Republicans, since adding the new state would also create two new seats in the Senate that would likely go to Democrats.

The U.S. House approved a bill to allow D.C. statehood last week.

Although it has less than 6% of the land area of Rhode Island, the District of Columbia has a bigger population than either Vermont or Wyoming. In 2020, the District had a higher GDP than 17 U.S. states.

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