Waikiki (WLNS) HI- Over 200 Mayor’s from cities across the Country met in Hawaii for the 87th Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors.

This year, the theme is “Health in the American Cities”. Immigration, affordable housing, jobs, energy, and environment were all topics of discussion but Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says talks on infrastructure is what he found most valuable for the city.

Through the conference, Schor was able to hear how other cities are dealing with its crumbling roads and buildings and he is ready to put the pressure on the Federal government for more funds.

“Good Mayor’s borrow and great Mayor’s steal so I’ve got like a book a thick book of a variety of ideas and things that they’re doing in other communities and ideas and things that are grant funded through partners here nationally so we’ll bring some dollars back to the city nationally…”

The Conference concluded today in Waikiki.