LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that every year, more than 10 million adults experience domestic abuse.

The founder of one Lansing group is on a mission to help people in abusive relationships find a way out.

“We often want to tell people you need to get out and that’s one thing they already know. So I say when you’re ready, we’re ready,” said Tanesha Ash-Shakoor, the Founder of Voices of Color.

Ash-Shakoor is the founder of Voices of Color, a statewide organization dedicated to helping educate and rescue people trapped in domestic abuse relationships.

“If someone comes to us and they’re in need of being relocated we will provide relocation services,” said Ash-Shakoor. “So we use our funding to meet every unique case.”

She said she knew Michigan needed an organization like hers because just like the people she helps, she was once trapped in an abusive relationship.

“Eventually I was held in a room for over three hours with a knife and he called family and friends to tell them he was going to murder me tonight.” Said Tanesha Ash-Shakoor

After this situation, Ash-Shakoor says she was motivated to help others that feel helpless and trapped.

Lauren Watson found herself contemplating suicide because she felt like no one was there for her.

“There was so much manipulation it lead to me to believe that I didn’t have a way out,” said Watson. “It lead me to believe that close friends and families didn’t like me or didn’t love me and he was the only person that would love me and be there for me.”

Watson said she reached out to Voices of Color at 2 a.m. and they were there to relocate her somewhere safe.

“I understand what you’re going through and if you have this feeling to leave,” continued Watson. “You have resources there for you. You don’t have to figure everything out.”

If you or anyone is in need of help here is a link to the organization’s website.