LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The Lansing Police Department is changing it search warrant policy to eliminate “No-Knock” searches.

The change is part of a system-wide review of policies in the department.

No-knock warrants authorize police officers to enter certain premises without first knocking and announcing their presence or purpose before entering the premises. 

In today’s announcement, the new language is spelled out:

“No-Knock search warrants are prohibited at LPD.  Officers are required to announce their identity and purpose.  Additionally, the LPD will not assist or participate in a search warrant execution with another law enforcement agency, whether state or federal, that is holding and/or desiring to execute a no-knock search warrant.”  

Lansing Police Department

“As the Lansing Police Department systematically reviews policies, prohibiting ‘No Knock’ searches is another very important step to take to ensure the rights of residents,” said Mayor Andy Schor.

Lansing Police Chief Daryl Green said eliminating no-knock warrants is “another example of our efforts to embrace police reform.”