(UPDATE 5:45 p.m.)– This morning’s virtual town hall laid out the components of the screen-to-screen learning the school district will do this fall.

District officialsheld a press conference to go into more detail about some of those plans.

Parents had a lot of questions about the decision to hold online classes this fall including what happens if a family doesn’t have a computer or internet access, how students with special needs will have their Individualized Education Plans (IEP) satisfied and if sports and other after-school activities will meet in person at all.

Classes will be “screen to screen” from August 31st to November 6th and students will have live instruction from their teachers. Officials say the day might look a little different for their younger students in kindergarten through second grade. They hope to have electives like art, music and gym classes also taught virtually to help break up the day.

In the next week the school district will send out surveys to parents and teachers to find out what resources they need and if they’ll want the option to teach or keep their kids at home for the full school year.

District leaders say coming up with this plan was not easy but they wanted to make a decision early enough to give everyone more time to prepare.

“I know this is gonna present so many challenges to families, but at least we can take that guess work out of it,” says school board president Gabrielle Lawrence. “At least we can say, you know, you’re gonna be able to be safe. You’re gonna be able to remain healthy.”

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– School leaders held a virtual town hall on Friday morning to talk about plans for the fall.

Lansing School District Parents and staff joined the conversation on Facebook, asking how the district plans to meet the needs of their students during the first grading period. The district says they’ll need input from all members of the community as they try to make sure everyone is prepared.

Students in the district will be taught virtually with live screen-to-screen classes from August 31st to November 6th. District leaders say they made the decision based on the state’s reopening phase plan.
While the state overall is in phase 4 or “Improving,” the Lansing area is still in phase 2 which is considered “Persistent spread” of COVID-19.

Students will have graded coursework and mandatory attendance for their classes.

The district will also send out surveys to parents, teachers and staff next week asking what resources they need to help their students with online learning and if they want the option to keep their students home all year. Deputy Superintendent Delsa Chapman says this will help the district make plans for the rest of the school year.

“It takes a village,” Chapman says. “And at this time, the Lansing School District’s village needs to pull together and work together for the good of our most precious constituents which are our students.”

The district will hold a press conference today at 3. 6 News will be there via Zoom and will bring you the latest details later tonight on air and online.