LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Say hello to Lansing’s first boutique wine delivery service.

Voyages Wine Shop, founded by advanced sommelier Justin King, opened its doors earlier this month on East Michigan Avenue and began its delivery service today.

The mission of Voyages is to bring boutique wines from around the world and other charcuterie board goodies directly to your doorstep.

Customers can place an order via phone or by visiting Voyages’ website. Deliveries are done directly through the shop and its staff — not with third parties like DoorDash or Uber Eats.

“I wanted to get really good product in the hands of people much more easily and electronically,” King said. “We deliver delicious things to people and so they can spend more time with their families or do what they need to do.”

King wants the capture the feeling of wanderlust one gets while traveling to new countries and experiencing the cuisine for the first time.

“During COVID, you couldn’t be in a position to travel,” King said. “You have to unlock that part of your brain, ‘How am I going to be able to appreciate what wanderlust and journeys feel like?’ There was a big part of me that said, ‘I’m going to build something like that for Lansing independently.’”

Besides wine and snacks like gourmet meats and cheeses, Voyages also sells a selection of basic household goods like laundry detergent or diapers.

King dreamt up Voyages during the shelter-in-place phase of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Noticing that shifting tides in the restaurant industry could spell doom for many local eateries, King decided it was time for a change of pace.

Selling his share in the restaurant he co-owned, Bridge Street Social in DeWitt, King spent the next two years developing the concept of Voyages.

“I saw a lot of automation – people buying things from places like Amazon. The world was changing in 2020,” King said. “I’m in wine and hospitality, there’s going to be ebbs and flows, but automation will not run backward. We’re going to be more comfortable – generationally speaking – with automation and delivery.”

Just because Voyages offers a selection of wines from unique wineries located across the world, doesn’t mean King expects his customers to break the bank.

Several highly regarded bottles at Voyages are priced in the $10 to $15 range, and pair well with many common dishes.

“Voyages is set around a couple ideas, small producers that are great values from around the world and wines that pair well with foods that you eat every day,” King said. “I wanted to make sure we didn’t have a lot of heavy-handed wines that fatigue people’s palettes.

On the horizon for King and Voyages Wine Shops is a series of European guided tours. Starting in 2023, King plans to lead trips to destinations like Greece and Spain.

“I want Voyages to be a place that is inclusive and can bring access to these wonderful things that have enriched and fulfilled my life so deeply,” King said.