LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A group of 22 high school students from South Korea had the chance to experience American culture here in Lansing.

The group is a part of the Lansing Sister Cities Program. On Thursday, the students toured Lansing Community College.

The students are from Asan, South Korea which has been Lansing’s sister city for the last 15 years.

They have been here in Michigan for three weeks and for a lot of them this was their first time to America.

The Lansing Sister City Commission was made to expose and educate high school students about different cultures.

One of the people on the tour said because of the commission, they’re already beginning to apply to schools in the area.

They also said they were blown away by people’s kindness here and that they loved getting the chance to try all the different foods.

One organizer says understanding different cultures will only help us in the future with foreign relations

“If we understand each other those conflicts can be resolved conflict can be prevented. We have to understand each other’s language and culture. And the adults seem to be a little too late for that and college is a good stage but even earlier is better,” said Sister Cities Program Coordinator Won Song.

Song said the commission is looking to expand the program to bring more students to Michigan and have more students visit Korea.