LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—“All of a sudden it just the atmosphere changed and it just rocked us,” said Jacob Skriba.

Skriba is an Army veteran from Lansing, and while serving in Iraq on a medical and scout truck team in August 2010 just miles from Baghdad his life forever changed.

“We were hit by an EFP which is an explosive formed projectile, it’s a type of IED,” said Skriba.

The attack left several of his team injured including himself, and many of those injuries he still lives with today, including in his nerves, hands, and legs, as well as living with the stress of that moment.

“Even just getting through the day sometimes even just counting the minutes on the clock it can be difficult for a person who suffers through depression or PTSD.”

But out of the struggle, he found healing piece by piece.

“I was given this opportunity to heal through legos, through something I love.”

It’s a process he says is also helping him rebuild his own life by finding new strength both in his body and mind.

“It’s a gift. It really is a gift, and I notice that if it can help me this much it can surely help other people.”

That idea of helping others started a new mission through his organization called ‘Bullets to Bricks’ where any veteran can come alongside him to work on legos with the opportunity to help other veterans find their own healing.

“It’s ok to find your Lego. It’s ok to pick something up and fill that space with. You don’t have to go through it alone. There are people out here that will support you, that care for you.”

Skriba says everything he’s been through has made him who he is today.

“I’ve climbed a lot of mountains. I’ve fallen in a lot of valleys, I’ve been in holes, I’ve been up high but those are all things that made me and today I’m just me. I deal with things as they come, but I can do that now.”

Bullets to Bricks is currently looking for more lego donations. If you’re interested in helping or if you are a veteran that would like to get involved. We have a link below.