LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A Lansing woman was awoken in the night to the sound of her four-year-old daughter struggling to breathe. She rushed her to the hospital to find out the girl was showing symptoms of mold exposure.

The mold that got her sick was the same one she had warned Plum Tree Apartments about, but she claims they told her there was nothing to worry about.

“I don’t know how long it’s been here and we’re just inhaling these fumes to where my daughter is like ‘mom I can’t breathe,'” said resident Kyra Woodson.

For months she and her two children were breathing in harmful mold. She told 6 News her apartment complex claims they did a mold test, but they were wrong.

“I had to wake up with my daughter not breathing was the most scary part and I didn’t know why. But Plum Tree says that they conducted a test. Which means then you guys knew all along if the test was conducted,” she said.

After receiving the news at the hospital that her daughter was showing symptoms of mold exposure, she took matters into her own hands and paid $500 to get someone to test the mold.

When she got the results she was told she had to leave immediately.

“He said that were 11 different toxic molds found in my home and two of them shouldn’t be in a residential property. And all of them were found in her daughter’s bedroom where she was inhaling everything,” Woodson said.

Her four-year-old daughter already has asthma but now she is stuck doing breathing treatments every four hours. But still, Plum Tree hasn’t tried to relocate them, leaving the family homeless.

“They haven’t even followed up with us yet to tell us to relocate us. And they have right now on their website four different properties available,” Woodson said.

To make matters worse all of her belongings must stay in the apartment

“The spores are so deep embedded to where if we take them to our new house whenever we get one. It’s so embedded in there that basically I’m transferring mold from one spot to a new spot.”

Plum Tree’s corporate office told 6 News they will be responding in the next few days. Woodson is staying with her grandparents.