LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Reactions are coming from across the state and beyond regarding the second-degree murder charge announced against a police officer who shot a man in the back of the head in April.

The shooting took place on April 4, after Grand Rapids Police Officer Christopher Schurr pulled Lyoya over for a traffic stop.

Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker said his office filed the charge Thursday against Officer Chris Schurr.

At the Department of Attorney General, we understand the exceptional resources needed to evaluate police-involved shooting deaths and I commend Prosecutor Becker, his team and the Michigan State Police for the exhaustive review conducted these last two months. We must now respect the judicial process and allow the facts of the case to be presented in court.”

Attorney General Dana Nessel

We recognize that the loss of life is never reconciled by the prosecution of alleged wrongdoers, but we are nonetheless gratified that the Kent County prosecutor has charged the officer who took the life of Patrick Lyoya with second degree murder. This decision is a major step in addressing accountability and the systemic issues that lead to disparate treatment of the people the agency is charged to serve and protect. We commit to working with the GRPD and law enforcement agencies around the state that recognize this decision as an opportunity to examine and revamp the systems and structures that perpetuate discrimination and inequity.” 

John E. Johnson, Jr., Executive Director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights

We are encouraged by attorney Christopher Becker’s decision to charge Christopher Schurr for the brutal killing of Patrick Lyoya, which we all witnessed when the video footage was released to the public. While the road to justice for Patrick and his family has just begun, this decision is a crucial step in the right direction. Officer Schurr must be held accountable for his decision to pursue an unarmed Patrick, ultimately shooting him in the back of the head and killing him –  for nothing more than a traffic stop.”

Attorney Ben Crump