Lawmakers say “we should have had a state budget by now”


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Both Democrats and Republicans are anxious to see a state budget be put into place as the countdown to the October 1st deadline draws closer.

Only 40 days until the end of the fiscal year and the major road block to adopting a state budget is how to fix the roads.

“We need to have a budget done, it should be done, and then we need to talk about the roads, it should be separate, it shouldn’t be apart of the budget negotiations,” said Republican State Senator for the 21st District, Kim LaSata.

Governor Gretchen Whimer proposed a 45-cent-per-gallon on fuel that still doesn’t have the support it needs to pay for the $2.5 billion needed to fix the roads.

Governor Whitmer met with Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield today, hoping to agree on a plan, but there was no deal.

LaSata’s district borders the state line with Indiana and she says if there’s an increased gas tax, it could do more harm than good for the state.

“Not only will people drive over the border to Indiana to get their gas, gas stations will close, people will lose their jobs, there’s a trickle effect, we have to find another way, to continue to fund our roads, without raising the gas tax,” said LaSata.

She added that they are still negotiating other solutions than raising the gas tax.

Democratic State Representative for the 69th District, Julie Brixie, says Governor Whitmer is the only one who has proposed a ‘real solution.’

“You just have to take a drive and understand that something is terribly wrong and it’s going to take leaders with integrity to propose real solutions to the problems we are facing,” said Brixie.

With no state budget still in place, there is one thing that both sides of the aisle can agree on.

“We need to get to work and we need to get to work right away and get this budget solved,” said Brixie.

And that it takes both sides to find the solution.

“We have to work together, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, we’ve got to come together and do our job, and do what’s best for our constituents, the people of Michigan,” said LaSata.

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