OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — In wake of the shooting at Oxford High School that killed four people, a number of schools in Michigan have had to close down.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says there has been a tidal wave of copycat threats, prompting more than half of the public schools in Oakland County and other districts outside the county to suspend classes.

Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard said he’s aware of at least 60 schools that have closed because of threats.

Bouchard also said the “countdown-clock” that has been seen around social media had nothing to do with the school shooting, and actually was for a band playing at a local bar.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said they are still reviewing charges against the parents of alleged shooter Ethan Crumbley and hope to make an announcement in the next 24 hours.

Locally, Holt High School received a ‘non-descript’ threat in the bathroom late this afternoon.

The school district said they delayed dismissal out of an abundance of caution, which threw off the bus schedules at all levels.

They said they’re happy to report there is no current threat to the school.