LCC unveils new sculpture in heart of campus


A 40-foot LED color-changing sculpture titled “Upward Bound” has now been unveiled atop “The Hill” on LCC’s main campus.

According to LCC President Brent Knight, the renovation project, which began last year with the flattening of The Hill, will also include a paved walkway.

This walkway is designed to make The Hill easier for students to use when walking throughout campus, according to Knight.

In addition to the walkway, a set of stairs will be added to The Hill and students will find room to sit outside and enjoy their surroundings, Knight explained.

“The number of students that will utilize that space will increase dramatically,” Knight said.

The sculpture itself, designed from galvanized steel tubes, has been donated as a visual centerpiece for this project. All of the funds contributing to its construction were donated by LCC Trustee Andrew Abood.
“It’s a dedication to my mother,” Abood said.

Abood said he wanted to give back to LCC. He said the sculpture serves as his token of gratitude in serving on the board over the last six years.

“I thought it would be good if I made a commitment back to (LCC) and did so in a way that could benefit the student body and the campus,” Abood said.

Knight said with its night-time illumination of campus, the sculpture is also intended to function as an icon for the college – a visible monument, much like the clock tower – proudly correlated with LCC and its opportunities for students.

“It’s very contemporary,” Knight said of “Upward Bound.”
Throughout his 11 years as he college’s president, Knight expressed a desire to see all of the campus space used.

The Hill, with its bareness and cumbersome peak, previously discouraged students from accessing it, according to Knight.

Knight said he envisions this renovation as an important addition in his goal to make LCC a welcoming atmosphere for students.

Thinking post-retirement, Knight said he is hopeful the renovations and sculpture will be enjoyed by students “for many years to come.

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