LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two men who got their start at becoming professional inventors in the Capital City are now getting national recognition for one of their products.

The product is known as the “Turbo Trusser,” and it’s design is to make your Turkey Day celebration a little easier.

Kirk Hyust and Brian Halasinski’s recently landed a deal on Shark Tank with Kevin O’Leary for $100,000 with a 33% equity and a royalty of $1 per unit in perpetuity.

The team’s journey all started with the decision to go to the Michigan Inventors Expo in 2019.

“It’s the best choice we made was to come to Lansing,” said Kirk Hyust, Vice President at Turbo Trusser.

The two went to the expo with hopes of winning a free six-month boot camp course for inventRight, which helps inventors bring their ideas to market.

“With me and with Brian as well when you are an inventor you think that you are kind of out there, and so we went up there and there were a lot of people just like us,” Hyust said.

Out of the 200 competitors they faced, Kirk and Brian were chosen.

The boot camp helped give them additional knowledge, tools, and guidance.

“We went there and the information was just so incredible and it was a real foundation for us to start our inventing career,” Hyust said.

Since the boot camp, Hyust and Halasinski were able to launch the Turbo Trusser.

The idea was sparked by Halasinski’s own struggle in the kitchen when trying to truss his own chicken.

“I had the string out and I’m watching a video on my iPad and I am trying to fumble around with the string, tie it up, and meanwhile I’m getting chicken juice on my iPad,” Halasinski said.

This struggle made Hyust and Halasinski get to work and come up with their trussing solution.

The invention, which is made of stainless steel, eliminates the need for using cooking twine to try and hold your turkey’s wings and legs together.

After selling $40,000 of the product in the first few months, the pair were able to show off their product on Shark Tank.

“I am happy, I can’t believe we made it to Shark Tank,” Halasinski said. “We are partners with Kevin O’ Leary, I mean it’s unbelievable really.”

Now the team is hoping their product can become a normal kitchen gadget.

“You do your turkey, you turbo truss it, and then you put it right in the drawer with your turkey broiler,” Halasinski said.

Both men say their opportunity at the Michigan Inventors Expo was just what they needed to jumpstart their entrepreneurial journey.