Local schools are coping with unseasonable hot weather


PERRY, MI (WLNS) – How are local schools coping with the heat? Well, it’s a familiar sight this time of year. Kids on the school playground getting exercise during recess. But, the heat can be inescapable inside or out.

Perry Public Schools Superintendent Mike Foster said, “how do you deal with the warm summer days? Because many of them (buildings) are not air conditioned. Particularly those in older buildings.”

With temperatures reading 82-degrees on a classroom thermostat, teachers are seeing the effects days like today have on everyone.

“It can be tiring to make sure you have the fans ready to go. Where they need to be. It’s hard for the students with papers because the fans blow their papers and, they need to be able to adjust to that. So, you try to situate the fans in the right spot so that all the circulation is going right in the room. Then, trying to make sure it’s blowing out the air,” said Perry East Elementary School Teacher Sara Schneeberger.

Leading the children to feel anxious.

Schneeberger said, “lots of stomach aches. Lots of headaches. Lots of exhaustion. They’re tired.”

But, school officials are doing their best to keep the students comfortable and focused.

“Fortunately we only have a few of these days each year just around the end of August, first of September. But, mostly they just keep the kids on task. Make sure the activities are interesting. Pay attention to engagement and keep the fans going,” said Foster.

As well as having plenty of water on hand.

Schneeberger said, “either they have water bottles on their desks or get drinks throughout the day. We try to make sure we take breaks on a consistent hour basis so they can stand up and stretch.”

All hopefully leading to a happier day in school.

School officials would like to remind parents to keep children in short sleeved shirts as well as wearing shorts to help alleviate the heat.

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