Locals react to President Trump’s impeachment hearing


The first public hearing happened today.

People had the chance to watch the process unfold on live television.

This is only the fourth time in history, congress considered removing a President from office.

We spoke with a Political Science professor to get his take on the Impeachment Hearings.

“This is an important event.” Said Matt Grossman, Political Science Professor at Michigan State University.

“We’ve only had a few before, its not very often. Not supposed to be used very often, but its a foundation element of our political system.” Grossman added.

Grossman says there are some drawbacks to having the hearing on live television for everyone to see.

“With a public event some people are there to grand stand to the cameras rather than necessarily get information out.” Grossman added.

This is significant and people should hear this.

“It’s information that should get out there and that people should have a chance to try and understand.”

Even with today’s hearings, Grossman doesn’t think President Trump will be leaving office anytime soon.

“It’s pretty likely to see President Trump be impeached in the house, being removed in the senate seems less likely.” Grossman added.

One Student 6 news caught up with says, the people should decide the President’s fate..in the 2020 election.

“A lot of people still support him, he got elected in the first place. I think he’s still going to have a lot of people supporting him.” Said Sophie, MSU Student.

The Impeachment Hearings will be resume on Friday and you can watch it on WLNS 6 News.

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