Many cars flooded, totaled in East Lansing


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Dozens of cars are underwater in East Lansing. Some are considered totaled and many of these car owners say they don’t know what to do but to wait it out.

Residents at the Quarters Apartments in East Lansing were shocked this morning.

“I looked outside and all the cars are underwater and I was like oh no. So I banged on my roommate’s door and I was like ‘your car is underwater,” said Lauren Shroll.

Megan Deyoe owns one of the many cars still underwater.

“At first I thought it was dream and then after I put my contacts in and looked outside I thought it was something that always happened in the movies. I was like there’s no way this is real. We walked outside and I went up to my car and the water was past the seats.”

Managers say the water is overflowed from the lake next door. Before they can clear the water out of the parking lot, they have to wait for the lake water to go down.

Residents say they normally get a message to move their cars the night before possible flooding, but this time, they did not get anything until after the damage.

“They’ve sent out 2 emails so far just telling us to take pictures and to not drive through rampart way because it’s so flooded”, continues Deyoe.

Now people are trying to figure out what their next steps are.

“I’m waiting on an adjuster to call me, and my boyfriends waiting on the same. And I think everyone else is just in this waiting game which is understandable,” said Sarah Saxton.

East Lansing city officials say they have to wait for water levels to go down naturally before they can do anything.

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