Masks required at public outdoor spaces in downtown East Lansing


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Mayor Aaron Stephens declared a city state of emergency Friday and issued an order to require everyone within the East Lansing Downtown Development Authority to wear a face mask.

The order will go into effect Monday, August 10th.

Here is a map of the East Lansing Downtown Development Authority where masks will be required. Signs are expected to go up around the entry points of the area to indicate that a face mask is required.

6 News was in downtown East Lansing Friday evening asking people what they thought of the mask requirements and some were on board.

“I think it’s essential, this town is about to get hit by thousands of students coming back from all over the country,” said East Lansing resident, John Waller. “I think absolutely anything we can do, needs to be done.”

“I thought that it was really important since we’re in such a crowded area, and there’s many college students that have experienced cases, especially like at Harpers,” said East Lansing resident, Annabelle Helm.

Some think that wearing a mask now is the quickest way to not have to wear a mask anymore.

“Some of our freedoms have been taken away as a result of Covid-19 but I feel like masks I feel like is one thing we can do a step forward and maybe get some of our normal life back and make sure that everyone is safe, even if it is uncomfortable,” said Mikayla Lomas, a Williamston resident.

6 News did speak with several people downtown who oppose the new order. None of whom wanted to speak on camera. Many said that they are fine with wearing one inside public places, but feel that wearing one outside is too excessive. Others said that they feel outside is the safest place to be during this pandemic, and wearing one downtown wouldn’t necessarily be effective.

Those in support of the new rule, say it’s turned into a political debate.

“There is absolutely no uncertainty about the science, there is no ambiguity, I think it is very important to try and step back from your political commitments,” said Waller.

No matter what side of the debate you find yourself though, people who get caught not wearing a face mask in the city’s downtown boundaries could face a fine up to $25.

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