MASON, Mich. (WLNS) — What started out as a small graveyard with fog has over six years transformed into a fully-fledged spooky Halloween display, with hundreds of pieces ranging from pumpkins all the way to the Grim Reaper.

“The skeletons are by far my favorite just because every year I put them in different poses,” said Samantha Beard, owner of the Halloween display.

The display is covered in skeletons from them dancing in the yard to swinging down on a rope from the trees. Beard has special plans in the coming years for these fan favorites.

“I’ve been struck with genius, and I believe I am going to put up a steel cable next year and try to make them move,” Beard said.

A special memory from her childhood of putting up a Christmas display with her father sparked the inspiration behind expanding her display into the Halloween season.

“It was one of my favorite things to help him out with, and Halloween decorating wasn’t even a thing back then and since it’s become a thing and my birthday is in October, so it really inspired me to go big on this,” Beard said.

Beard says one of the reasons she continues adding to her display each year is the positive response from the community.

“As I am setting things up people will honk and wave,” Beard said.

Those same community members who enjoy her display have asked to donate to it, so Beard is able to grow it even more.

As a result, Beard has created a donation poll, but is instead telling community members all the funds will go toward the Mason Equity Task Force.

“I decided that there are a lot of people who need it more than I do,” Beard said.