Meridian Township detectives cleared in “use of Force” investigation


MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS)– On Friday, the Meridian Township Police Department announced Detectives Daniel King, and Michael Hagbom were justified in their use of force, during an arrest on March 10.

The incident was investigated by both Michigan State Police, and reviewed by the Ingham County Prosecutor’s office.

The arrest in question took place in a parking lot of the Meridian Mall at 1:00 p.m., south of the Macy’s entrance.


According to the investigation report, Detective King responded to the Okemos Meijer for a retail fraud complaint, that a Black male in his 20’s, d, wearing a white hoodie, and white ADDIAS shoes that he took from the store shelf , also took other items from the store without purchasing them.

King caught up with a person matching the description of the suspect in the area of Grand River and Marsh Road. The detective then tried to make contact with the suspect, who tried to walk away from the area. King grabbed the man’s clothing, who in turn grabbed his shirt, leading the men to quote “square off in a hockey fighting position.”

The suspect took the first swing, striking the detective in the face, the detective responded by striking the suspect in the face.

From there, both men released one another, and the suspect was heard saying the pair quote “were going to fight now.”

<<<<Video recorded by a bystander shows the following events

King responded by tackling the suspect into a group of bushes, and a struggle ensued.

Meridian Township Police Department officer Jacklyn Allen arrived and began assisting Detective King, neither of the men were able to get control of the suspect. During the struggle King struck the suspect multiple times with his hands and elbow.

Shortly thereafter, Detective Michael Hagbom and Michigan State University Police Officer Adam Silver arrived to assist.

Detective Hagbom placed the suspect’s right wrist in a joint lock and pulled him away from the bushes where the officers could better gain control. Once he had control of his right arm, Detective Hagbom placed his right knee across the shoulder blades of the suspect and his left knee across his upper back. This allowed the officers to gain control of his left arm and place him in handcuffs. Despite being handcuffed, the suspect made threats to the officers and attempted to bite Officer Silver. Once he was secured, he was placed in a patrol car without further incident.


When reviewing the request to charge the detectives for assault and battery in the arrest, the Ingham County Prosecutor determined the following when deciding the neither of the detective’s actions were considered criminal.

  • The first determination made, was that based on the initial call, Detective King had the merit to stop the suspect, and prevent him from entering the mall.
  • Once the suspect struck the detective in the face, he then had the merit to make an arrest, and he was allowed to use force to accomplish that task.
  • The final consideration was whether or not the force was unreasonable. The prosecutor’s office determined it was not,

The prosecutor’s office determined that based on the following, there is insufficient evidence, to show beyond a reasonable doubt, that the crime of assault and battery was committed or that Detectives King and Hagbom used force that was excessive or unreasonable.

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