LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lawmakers hope to spend more than $74 billion of your tax dollars before they hit the re-election campaign trail for the summer.

Michiganders should see hefty increases for education from the K-12 system to community colleges and the state’s 15 universities.

Lawmakers wanted to create a new $3,000 scholarship program for community college students, and a $6,000 stipend for university students across the state.

Despite those desires, the K-12 system is set to receive around $9,000 per student, a state record.

“It’s good to hear that number of around 9,000 per-pupil. That’s the highest dollar amount. Certainly we’re excited about that but we are still $3 billion dollars underfunded,” said Peter Spadafore, President of the Urban School Association.

Lansing as well as other urban schools will get a new influx of state dollars for special needs students.

“The middle cities schools serve a higher percentage of Special-Ed and a higher percentage of students at risk, so to have this type of investment coming our way is very important for my member districts,” continued Spadafore.

The budget was not without its backroom controversies as the GOP House Budget Chair Rep. Tom Albert tried to stop the state from sending tax dollars to groups such as Planned Parenthood which offer abortions.

There was an additional effort to take money away from the Attorney General Dana Nessel because she refused to honor a legislative request to preserve the 1931 law making abortions illegal.

What did lawmakers not pass? A gas tax holiday.

Lawmakers also did not agree to send out tax cut checks of $500 like Governor Gretchen Whitmer wanted.

But Whitmer and two GOP leaders will continue negotiations during the summer recess on these issues with hopes of saving you money, just before the election.