LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — County prosecutors in Michigan can now enforce the state’s ban on abortions, despite the temporary blocking of the 1931 law.

The Michigan Court of Appeals says the decision to file criminal charges against doctors and health care workers for providing abortions is up to each county prosecutor, since they are local officials and not state officials.

One of the plaintiffs in the appeal was Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka.

The ruling is complicated, because technically Jarzynka, Kent County Prosecutor Christopher R. Becker, Right to Life of Michigan, and the Michigan Catholic Conference lost a decision to receive superintending control over Court of Claims Judge Elizabeth L. Gleicher, who put the temporary pause of Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban.

However, the Court of Appeals did rule in favor of the two prosecutors and their ability to act autonomously.

Gleicher’s ruling blocking the abortion ban has been in place since May.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel tweeted Monday morning that the ‘thread has torn,’ referring to Michigan’s abortion access across the state.

“The Michigan Court of Appeals has just ruled that MI’s 83 county prosecutors can now begin enforcing the abortion ban. But note that the Dem prosecuting attorneys have committed to refuse to enforce the ban, and the injunction still applies to my department,” Nessel said.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan, the organization who filed the lawsuit that is temporarily blocking the 1931 abortion ban, said that the ruling won’t go into effect for 21 days.

The group said it will continue to evaluate its legal options.

“Planned Parenthood of Michigan will continue to provide abortion services in accordance with the law. PPMI patients can keep their appointments and our doors remain open,” the group said.

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