LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Some surprising new statewide data shows that legislative Democrats are getting good marks for their first four months in office.

Traditionally, citizens have not had a very positive feeling about the legislature regardless of which party was calling the shots. In many respects, that’s why voters support term limits.

But now that Democrats control the legislature for the first time in 40 years, and Speaker Joe Tate and Sen. Leader Winnie Brinks are looking good compared to Republican counterparts.

Pollster Bernie Porn surveyed 800 voters on which party had a higher favorability rating for the last three months.

Democrats had a nine-point advantage (42% positive) over the Republicans (33%.)

And for those who didn’t like either party, the Democrats did six points better than the Republicans. About 25% of those surveyed had no opinion either way.

While the Democrats pushed a full agenda just after they took control, it was not easy as there were internal disputes among the Democrats’ House members.

Meanwhile, Governor Gretchen Whitmer continued on her long string of support with 54% liking the governor and 52% giving her a good job rating.

This means the Democrats, so far, are doing quite well, while Republicans are trying to figure out how to lower those numbers.