LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Since last week, gas prices in Michigan have gone down, but only marginally.

On average, drivers in the Great Lakes State are paying around $3.53 per gallon for gas; approximately $1.49 less than this time a year ago.

It’s costing Michiganders around $52 to fill up a 15-gallon tank of gas.

Lansing is luckily one of the areas selling cheaper fuel, at around $3.52 a gallon. Flint and Grand Rapids also are selling gas for less, at $3.48 and $3.52 res[ectively.

Those in Jackson will pay slightly more at the pump than those in Lansing, with an average price of $3.57 per gallon of gas.

Traverse City is also charging $3.57 per gallon of gas, with Grand Rapids trailing behind at $3.55 a gallon.

“Michigan drivers are seeing lower prices at the pump after the holiday,” said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson for AAA-The Auto Club Group.

“If gas demand declines, drivers will likely see pump prices continue to fall,” Woodland continued.