LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Rarely has an issue divided us more than abortion, and today it’s bringing opposing opinions from both sides to center stage in Michigan.

“We are cautiously optimistic, said Right to Life Communications Director, Anna Visser.”  “This is just a draft opinion, so we are waiting for the official opinion to come out to celebrate anything or to assume that they are overturning Roe.”

On the other side, Michigan Planned Parenthood leaders call the news devastating.

While the draft does not immediately change the law, Planned Parenthood says they’re concerned it will scare current patients from coming in.

“We hope that the final decision is not this disastrous, however, we have been preparing for this possibility,” said Communications Director for Planned Parenthood of Michigan, Ashlea Phenicie.

This includes a lawsuit to block the potential enforcement of the 1931 Michigan law that would ban abortion in the state. The enforcement of the 1931 law will be decided upon by Michigan’s Supreme Court.

“We hope that this lawsuit can provide some legal clarity for Michigan if Roe is to fall,” said Phenicie.

Right to Life Michigan says they’re working with other pro-life groups to fight back against the lawsuits.

“We’re hoping that the supreme court will follow all the history and all the previous court cases that have said we do not have a constitutional right to abortion in Michigan,” said Visser.