Michigan House comes to agreement on education spending


The Michigan House of Representatives have come to an agreement on education spending for the next year’s budget.

The details were not released, but the House will vote on the budget on Thursday morning.

“It’s the last thing that should be politicized,” said Speaker Lee Chatfield. He described the deal as providing “record funding” for the K-12 budget. “This was about the legislature doing what we thought was right.”

House leaders say they wanted to approve an education budget as soon as possible to help districts across the state figure out their budgets for the school year.

While the Michigan budget year doesn’t start until October 1st, it’s helpful for districts to know how much state support they’ll get before the school year starts so they can put together their own budgets. Many of their budgets started on July 1st.

He stood alongside the House Minority Leader Christine Greig as they made the announcement. Chatfield is a Republican. Greig is a Democrat. Greig says she was “very proud” of the effort.

“We wanted to get the best budget to get to the governor to look at,” Greig said.

Chatfield says they’ve been talking with the Michigan Senate and says he’s confident the deal will pass that body as well.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer was not a party to the talks. When a reporter asked if the agreement was “undercutting” the governor, Greig said she was abiding by Whitmer’s wishes.

“She asked us for a budget this week, so we’re actually getting it to her as requested,” Greig said.

The education budget is just part of the larger state budget. Lawmakers are still working on the rest of the state’s budget. Without at least a temporary agreement, parts of the state government could shut down without a deal at midnight on October 1st.

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