GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WLNS) — A man from Fruitport, Michigan turned himself in to authorities after allegedly making threats of gun violence.

Daniel Callahan, 59, was already in court on February 15, 2023, appealing another charge against the State of Michigan.

While in court, Callahan asked, “What is it going to take, somebody to get shot before the State acts on it?” 

On February 23, Callahan filed a document in the same case, saying the Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court would earn a “future Performance Award for MSU Stage Act 2, West Michigan 2023.” 

Callahan was arrested on March 4 and charged with making a “false report or threat of terrorism and computers, a 20-year felony, and using a computer to commit a crime,” another 20-year felony.

“We will continue to pursue those who threaten and intimidate government officials or public bodies with their words and deeds,” Attorney General Dana Nessel said. “My office is determined to take action against terrorist threats whether in open court or in public.”

Callahan was given a $500,000 bond with a GPS tracker.