LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Forty minutes to an hour.

That’s how long officials say the Uvalde shooter was in the school before being shot by a tactical team.

Michigan State Police say their goal is not to wait.

“Go in if there’s an active shooter,” MSP Lieutenant Brian Oleksyk said.

Oleksyk says during an active school shooting they are trained to take down the shooter first.

“The whole idea behind it is if it’s an active shooter, we’re trained that we’re going to go in to stop that threat,” Oleksyk said.

But he says each situation is different and the investigation into the Uvalde shooting is just beginning.

“You have to assess the building, how many doors, do you have reports of how many people are in there, suspects that are shooting,” he said.

A captain from the MSU Police Department says they train for these types of situations through a program called alert. He says it’s important that all law enforcement officers get similar training.

“It’s not just one jurisdiction that’s going to them. It’s every jurisdiction. We need the officers trained the same way to be able to respond with people from other agencies,” said MSU Police Captain Matt Merony.

But no matter how much training you do or how much practice you do, it may never be enough.