LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Compared to 2021, credit card sales were up 3.88% over the holiday weekend.

The Michigan Retailers Association is encouraging shoppers to shop with three local businesses for getting holiday goodies during the season.

“This holiday season, we are asking shoppers to make an intentional effort to make purchases from at least three local retailers,” said William Hallan, President and CEO of the Michigan Retailers Association. “Making local purchases has the power to transform a community. When you Buy Nearby, you are investing in the future of Michigan’s Main Streets.”

A 2022 study commissioned by the MRA found that Michiganders spend around $30.3 billion online and out of state.

If just even 10% of those out-of-state purchases were spent at a Michigan retailer, the MRA reported that employment in the Great Lakes State would increase by 16,000 jobs.

Additionally, there would be $2.2 billion more in in-state sales and revenue.

“Keeping local businesses afloat is critical to Michigan’s economy. Buying nearby gives retailers the chance to keep your downtowns thriving and to even attract new businesses to create roots,” continued Hallan.