LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Nearly 400 illegal guns have been seized as part of the State of Michigan’s Operation Safe Neighborhoods.

Operation Safe Neighborhoods is a state-run effort to reduce gun violence and take illegal guns off the streets.

Since the beginning of the operation, 389 illegal guns have been taken off the streets during nearly 3,4000 check-ins performed on felons. Police also recovered drugs and ammunition during the searches.

“As a former prosecutor, protecting public safety is a top priority,” said Governor Whitmer in a press release. “By getting nearly 400 illegal firearms out of the hands of criminals before they can be used in the commission of a crime, we are taking action to keep families and communities safe. Earlier this year, I signed legislation establishing universal background checks and safe storage requirements, and I will work with anyone to reduce gun violence.” 

According to Whitmer, one in three violent crimes in Michigan involves guns. Nearly 20% of people on probation or parole have been convicted of gun crimes.