LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A man will be in jail for almost an entire year after writing bad checks to the State of Michigan in an attempt to pay his taxes.

Damon Montgomery pled guilty to three counts of no-account check, and was sentenced to 337 days in jail.

According to Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office, Montgomery is a self-proclaimed “Sovereign Citizen,” meaning that he believes he is exempt from Michigan laws and regulations.

Additionally, Sovereign Citizens believe they are not under the jurisdiction of any government and are not subject to taxes.

Montgomery was charged for sending three fraudulent checks to the Michigan Department of Treasury to try to pay his taxes back in January 2021.

The attorney general’s office reported that the checks contained TCF Bank routing numbers and were made payable to the State of Michigan for $1 million. 

The checks were returned, as Montgomery did not have an account at TCF Bank. 

“Those who use schemes and tricks to evade paying their fair share of taxes will be held accountable,” Nessel said.