LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Upwards of $5 million may be spent to retrofit the Michigan State Capitol to prevent firearms from coming into the building.

The decision reverses a long-standing tradition of avoiding metal detectors.

Years ago, whenever they talked about putting in metal detectors under the dome, the feeling was the Capitol is the people’s house and people’s houses don’t have magnetometers.

But times have changed with mass shootings everywhere.

John Truscott was the vice chair of the State Capitol Commission when a more serious look at preventing firearms in the Capitol began.

Around 73% of all state capitol buildings have some method for keeping guns out and the decision today to ask for bids will be expensive.

In addition to the walk-through devices, the state wants to install artificial intelligence surveillance devices as well, the kind that is used at the Oxford schools.

Republican lawmaker Luke Meerman, who chaired a House panel on school shootings, opposes this proposal and if he can find a way to block it, he says he will try.

The State Capitol Commission expects to see some bids on this within the next week or so.

As for attempts to block this, stay tuned.