Michigan State Students internship going remote amid COVID-19


The Coronavirus pandemic has changed plans for many students, especially ones who had internships lined up.

Before the pandemic, Jayson James was living in Atlanta interning for “Georgia Pacific”.

“I was there for 2 months..or 3 months and then Coronavirus hit and they were like you should probably go home before you get stuck.” Said Jayson James, MSU Student.

So he came home to Michigan and has been doing his internship remotely.

“It’s a struggle, but its not as bad. Doing it on a computer and not in a office helped me get better at doing my job.”Said Jayson James, MSU Student.

“I was able to be more independent and do my job myself and instead of having everyone around me. Asking them questions and relying on them to do my work.” Said Jayson James, MSU Student.

While internships are usually a stepping stone for many college students, to get hands- on experience in the field.

Jayson says, right now he is just thankful he still has his.

“Someone with the opportunity that I have, to be in the situation I’m in I cant really complain because at least I have this experience.”Said Jayson James, MSU Student.

One of Jayson’s biggest fears for the fall semester? Classes still being online.

“I’m horrified, I know a lot of people who go to different schools have already transferred their classes to online. That makes me so scared, because I physically need to be back in East Lansing.” Said Jayson James, MSU Student.

Right now, Michigan State has not said if they plan on moving to online classes for the Fall.

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