LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Up until the COVID pandemic, Michigan’s economy was rolling along singing a song, and you never heard the word “recession” come into play. Until now.

“We do expect a recession in the next year. However, the size and magnitude of that is certainly unknown at this point,” said Eric Bussis with the Department of Treasury.

State lawmakers who write the budget obviously need to know how much of your tax dollars they have to spend, and the forecasters are suggesting that it’s going to fall off just a little.

One key element is the auto industry, which years ago, enjoyed 17 million car sales. Then the pandemic hit sales dropped to 14.9 million.

“Michigan has bounced back and replaced almost 100% of the jobs lost during COVID, but the bad news on the job front is we’re going to lose some in the future,” said UofM Economic Forecaster Gabriel Ehrlich.