LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Thousands upon thousands of signatures were collected for the Secure MI Vote petition.

Yet, it won’t be on the November ballot.

The spokesperson for the ballot initiative, Jamie Roe, made that announcement on Wednesday.

He said they have enough signatures to move it forward.

“We have collected over 435,000. I think the number now is actually up to 438,000 signatures,” Roe said.

But they won’t for a few different reasons. He said they will delay filing for about 2 weeks so they can continue getting signatures.

“The number that we will have will be such that they will be able to do nothing to keep us away from the next step of this process,” Roe said.

A separate pile sitting alongside those boxes of valid signatures? 20,000 fraudulent signatures.

“This is all what we believe is fraudulent petitions. Petitions that were circulated by fraudsters. We believe they’ve been round tabled. We didn’t pay for them,” Roe said.

Roe wouldn’t say which signature collection firm was involved in the fraud but that the petitions will be turned over to law enforcement.

Michigan State University political science professor, Matt Grossman, said it’s important to note this should not be confused with voter fraud.

“It doesn’t appear to be individual voters that were the problem here. It appears to be a firm that set out to try to earn money for signatures and did it by coming up with fraudulent signatures,” Grossman said.

In regard to filing the petition, Roe said it’s not a matter of if, but when.

“We are going to file this petition but we’re just not going to do it today,” Roe said.

Today one group celebrating this announcement is Voters Not Politicians.

In a written statement, the non-partisan organization said this is a good day for Michigan voters and called the petition a package of voter suppression bills.

Roe said the petition could be in front of the legislature before the end of the year.