Two-thirds of Michiganders continue to have a dim view of the way Joe Biden is doing as president.

That’s according a new poll in which the findings were released to WLNS-TV.

The poll says just 31% of those asked gave him a positive job rating, while 68% say she’s doing “just fair” or “poor”. Only one percent of those asked were undecided.

Biden fairs better, though he’s still under water, when Michiganders are asked about how they view him as a person. Just 41% view him favorably, while slightly more than half (52%) view him unfavorably.

(Tiffany Blanchette/The Daily Journal via AP)

The numbers haven’t changed much from a poll in January, where Biden’s job rating was 32% positive and 66% negative, and his favorable/unfavorable numbers were 42-50.

The poll surveyed an equal percentage of Democrats and Republicans.

The poll of 600 people by the firm EPIC-MRA took place between May 11th and May 17th and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.