LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Mark and Lisa Taylor and their family, own a restaurant called Fidler’s on the Grand in Lansing. They are now in Ohio hospitals with injuries.

The family was injured in the 46-vehicle crash that happened in Sandusky County, Ohio, and resulted in four deaths. Among those killed was 19-year-old Emma Smith from Webberville. She was a family friend of the Taylors, who was traveling with them when they got in the accident.

Ohio State Highway patrol confirmed that weather conditions including high winds, blowing snow, and frigid temperatures factored into Friday’s crash. Everyone involved was bussed to facilities to stay warm.

The Lansing family was taken to local hospitals in the area, and according to OSHP, the crash is still under investigation.

Neighboring restaurant owners who knew the family, say they were on their way to celebrate the holidays, and hope the community can help in any way they can.

“They were on the way to a Christmas vacation and everybody was injured, and they were all put in the hospital. They really love people, they love the community of Lansing, and I would hope that the Lansing community could take this, and support them, when they open to come back and support them, because I know that they will open again,” said Alicia Gonzalez, owner of Alicia’s Authentic Mexican Deli.

Gonzalez says there are two fundraising opportunities online, and the community has already raised over $30,000 to assist them in their recovery.

The “GiveSendGo” fundraiser for the Taylor Family can be found here.

The “GoFundMe” for the family of Emma Smith can be found here.