LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The 2022 midterms are shaping up to be one of the most shocking elections in modern history, with Democrats shocking the political world by preventing a red wave.

With all the major statewide and national political news dominating headlines, you may have missed out on some smaller, but still important races.

Don’t worry, we have a recap of some impactful local races that you can read below.

Brian Begole won his race for the 71st House district in Shiawassee County. If that name sounds familiar it’s because Begole is currently the Shiawassee County Sheriff

In the 78th district, which includes small parts of Eaton and most of Ionia County, Gina Johnsen won her race for the House.

You might recognize Johnsen’s name for a couple of reasons. She ran for the house two years ago and lost to Democrat Angela Witwer. She made news more recently when she made some false claims about Proposal 3, including that it legalized pedophilia.

On Tuesday, Johnsen beat Leah Groves by a margin of about 2-to-1 for the win.

In Jackson County, voters in the village of Grass Lake turned down the area’s operating millage. the millage used to be set at $12.5 million but it was reduced to just more than $7 million.

Village leaders were asking for some of the money back, but voters said no.

We also have some bad news for friends and followers of the Ionia Library. Voters there shot down a millage to support the building for the second election in a row. The money would have allowed the library to move into a big historic building that has been donated to it. Instead, the community will continue to use the existing building while library officials consider their next steps.

Potterville won’t get a new police officer any time soon. That’s after voters shot down a proposal Tuesday night that would have allowed the department to hire a new one.

The 10-year $1.5 million tax increase would have meant an extra $90,000 dollars a year for the department for a variety of uses, including a potential new officer.

There will also be a new face on the Lansing City Council again after an incumbent lost his chance to keep his seat in a special election.

Brian Daniels was appointed to the Lansing City Council in February. He filled the seat being vacated by Brandon Betz, who resigned after controversy dogged his time in office.

As an appointee, Daniels needed to run for the job last week to keep his seat, but newcomer Ryan Kost had other plans. He beat daniels in a squeaker.

Out of fewer than 7,500 votes cast, Kost won by just 56, or less than one percent. 6 News reached out to Daniels today who says he will not request a recount but he says he does plan on running again in the future.