LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — While people looked to push forward gun reform measures, there was also some pushback from the Michigan GOP.

The party put out a controversial tweet Wednesday morning comparing gun reform to the Holocaust.

This comes as lawmakers in the state look to pass firearm safety legislation.

The tweet said, “History has shown us that the first thing a government does when it wants total control over its people is to disarm them.” It also shows a picture referencing the Holocaust with the text that reads “Before they collected all these wedding rings…they collected all the guns.”

They’re not only facing backlash from across the aisle and the community but from former party members too.

Former Republican Congress Member Dave Trott said he finds the tweets and comments made by the Michigan GOP despicable.

“They’re using fear and ignorance to try and cause people to work against the 11 bills that are moving through the legislature on gun safety, and I think it’s reprehensible and I think it’s a big mistake by the head of the Michigan Party,” Trott said.

Party leaders doubled down on their tweet and said they stand by it.

6 News reached out to the Michigan GOP Party and has not heard back.