LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — At least $95 will be going towards families to help with the cost of groceries.

Any household eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will still be getting a minimum of a $95 increase, even if they are close to the maximum amount of assistance.

Michiganders will continue to be able to put nutritious food on the table thanks to our ongoing partnership with the federal government. In addition to helping Michigan families lower their out-of-pocket food costs, this collaboration has helped us continue to grow our economy by returning federal dollars to Michigan. I will work with anyone to lower costs for Michiganders and get things done that make a real difference in their lives.” 

Governoir Grtechen Whitmer

The maximum benefits for SNAP customers based on their respective household size are as follows:  

  • One Person: $250 
  • Two Persons: $459  
  • Three Persons: $658  
  • Four Persons: $835  
  • Five Persons: $992  
  • Six Persons: $1,190  
  • Seven Persons: $1,316  
  • Eight Persons: $1,504

Elibible Michiganders do not need to re-apply for the additional benefits.

According to Gov. Whitmer, the benefits will help more than 700,000 households.