LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing’s mayor said he hopes the new year means more infrastructure projects in the capital city, including more development downtown.

2022 was a busy year in Lansing with major companies investing billions in the area to a state study finding several schools were underperforming.

In the new year, Mayor Andy Schor said the city will have more diverse housing choices and more job opportunities.

“Last year we made the determination that we are moving to be able to be self-sustaining. So we are going to be looking into housing, how do we build our downtown community so that we got people who are here not only days and nights but also weekends,” said Schor.

Schor said 2023 will be about keeping momentum. In early 2022, GM finalized a deal to create a $2 billion battery plant. The city also benefited from federal funds from the American Rescue Plan.

Schor said those funds helped pay for police and fire upgrades and helped create more housing downtown.

He hopes the lawmakers who work in Lansing will continue to move the city forward.

“We are certainly talking to them. We are talking to them about different needs of our city. About different ideas and things we can do and some policy changes we can do with a democratic majority and governor for the first time in 40 years,” said Schor.

A November report found 13 Lansing schools are failing to meet education standards.
Schor said the district is stepping up by helping offer students trade school classes.

He’s confident school leaders can turn things around.

“The superintendent has taken ownership and says we don’t want to be on that list. We have some issues we have to deal with and he’s doing that,” Schor said.

2022 brought significant changes to public safety. Homicides decreased compared to 2021.
A bond worth $175 million was passed by voters.

The money will create a new public safety complex and repair and replace several fire stations.

But he still wants to cut down on crime.

“We still have gun violence grants that we are giving out to different groups that we believe will reduce gun violence. It’s too easy to steal or get a hold of a gun and use it,” said Schor.

Schor said overall he’s confident about the direction the city is heading.

He hopes the new investment will help improve all city services while adding more affordable housing and new jobs.