More than half of 4 to 7 year old Michigan children are not sitting in booster seats


Michigan safety experts say less than half of 4-to-7 year old children ride safely in cars. It’s an issue state officials are focusing on during national child passenger safety week.

Experts say when used correctly a child seat can reduce the risk of death by more than 70%.

Child professionals also say Michigan does well with child car seats with more than 90% usage, but parents may not be using them correctly.

Micki Kreft, an injury prevention coordinator with Sparrow Hospital, says 75% of the child car seats she checks are wrong.

“On average check anywhere from 15 to 20 car seats a week and I would say less than 5 of car seats come in correct. There is always some little thing that’s not correct with them.”

Also important to remember, it’s against the law for any child under the age of 8 and not at least 4-feet-9-inches tall to ride without a booster or car seat.

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