Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) — A new poll from the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association (MRLA) survey shows a majority of people would like to resume indoor dining and travel.

The survey also shows support for hospitality workers to receive prioritized vaccination and for Governor Whitmer to produce a “metric-driven plan to retain control over COVID-19 restrictions.”

The MRLA survey was commissioned as part of the Marketing Resource Group, LLC Spring Poll, which was conducted March 18-22 with a 600 person sample and a 4% margin of error. 

The findings

The survey shows 3 in 4 respondents believe Governor Whitmer’s administration should be required to publish a data-driven plan to show how decisions relating to COVID-19 restrictions are made.

The State of Michigan currently has published the “MI Safe Start plan,” which is available to view here.

In the MI Safe Start Plan, the administration outlines the reasons for moving “between phases” of re-opening and states and said it’s guided by data.

As always, we will be guided by the facts in deciding whether to transition from one phase to
another. We are looking at data every day to understand where we are: data that tells us where the epidemic is spreading, whether our hospitals and other health-care providers can safely cope with any surge in infections, and whether our public health system is up to the task of suppressing new outbreaks.

MI Safe Start

The MI Safe Start Plan states that measures to determined whether the epidemic is growing, flattening and or declining depends on the following factors:

  • the number of cases per million
  • trends in new daily cases
  • % of positive tests

The MRLA survey goes on to show that self-identified Democrats, about 74%, support the requirement of a metric-driven plan to “retain control of COVID-19 restrictions even more than Republican (69%).”

The survey shows that nearly 2 in3 respondents have already dined in or are comfortable eating in a restaurant at this moment. Another 9% said they plan to dine-in after receiving their vaccine.

A majority of surveyors said they believe restaurants should be open at 100% capacity indoors now or when vaccines are made available to everyone eligible.

For more information, visit the MRLA website.