LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – January is national human trafficking prevention month.

Again this year, the Michigan State Police is teaming up with Truckers Against Trafficking.
Their goal is to educate drivers about the signs of human trafficking and how they can help.

“You could potentially save a life if you see something out of the ordinary and make a call,” said Lt. Chris Keller with the Michigan State Police commercial vehicle enforcement division.

The state police have been in partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking since 2015 and Keller says it plays a huge role in helping educate the public.

“Without them, we wouldn’t have the materials we have to pass out. Like right now throughout the state of Michigan, all the members of the commercial enforcement division on all their interactions are passing out wallet cards with the human trafficking hotline number on it. They’re passing out decals, window magnets all those things,” said Keller.

Keller says that oftentimes, people think that all trafficking is this huge operation but that is just not the case.

“It could just be one, two people. One person trafficking another person, it doesn’t have to be a large scale operation that they maybe people would depict.”

So what are the signs of human trafficking?

“People that are younger there with much older people, they look out of place, they look uncomfortable. If anybody thinks human trafficking going on I would not recommend confronting these people,” said Keller.

What you can do to help is make a call to the national human trafficking hotline.

In 2021 the hotline helped identify 295 cases in the state of Michigan, and in those cases, 429 victims were involved.

If you call that number with something that you think is suspicious and it turns out to be nothing, there is no harm and there’s no foul.

The national human trafficking hotline is available to everyone at any time.

If you see something suspicious, call this number: 1-888-373-7888 or click this link.