LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The question of how earth was made is much closer to being solved as NASA released the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

The $10 billion Webb telescope sent in its first pictures, leaving many in shock.

“It brought me back to childhood when the first images from Hubble came out. “It was just incredible to see the detail the resolution,” said Dr. Joey Rodriguez, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Michigan State University.

Like many people across the world, Rodriguez is in awe at the first pictures released of the telescope. With the new technology in the telescope, it makes the task of getting images of space much quicker.

“We have a similar image called the Hubble Deep Fields and that one took about over a week observing the same spot in the sky to get that image and Webb just did the same thing with more galaxies in about 12 hours,” said Dr. Shannon Schmoll, director of Abrams Planetarium.

On those images we see thousands of galaxies, some being billions of years old. Scientists can use these images to find out what other planets have on them, such as water.

What’s next? Well with this technology, scientist will be able to finally answer the age old question in how did we become us.

“We are a way for the universe to know itself,” Schmoll said. “We are made out of star dust, every element, every atom in our body was made in a star some point before us and so by being able to understand the universe, it helps us understand where we came from in that grand scheme of things.”