LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Students started moving into their dorm rooms on Michigan State University’s campus on Thursday, with things really kicking into gear Friday.

It’s a story that we’re familiar with this time of the year, but one thing is certainly out of the norm.

The number of incoming students for 2022 will break a record for the largest incoming class, with almost 10,000 new students.

With the huge spike this year, the school has had to get creative with living situations, sometimes even adding a third roommate into a two-person dorm.

“I don’t think three in a room from the medical point of view creates a greater risk than two in a room in terms of transmission,” said Samuel Stanley, President of Michigan State University.

The university will also be requiring first and second-year students to live on campus.

“I think what we do know for certain is students who live on campus for two years graduate at a higher rate than those who do not. There are benefits to being on campus, the neighborhood, the chance to be with other students, more social activities.”

Samuel Stanley, President of Michigan State University

As for COVID-19, MSU is requiring all its students to vaccinate. Students will have to take a test to prove their vaccination status.

“I think the vaccination rule is incredibly important, not only for the safety of our students but also for the safety of our class and the integrity of our coursework,” said Makayla Lagro, a student at Michigan State University.

Stanley says there will also be testing sights throughout the campus to help ensure the safety of staff and students.

For this school year, most students will not have to wear a mask on campus or in classrooms. Medical students will, however, be required to wear them in certain clinics.

With all things aside, Stanley said he couldn’t be more excited to see new and old faces on campus.

“Of course, we are getting really excited to move them in,” Stanley said. “That’s one of the highlights of the year for me. It’s wonderful when we can welcome students to campus for the first time and their families as well.”